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At Novaworks, we believe the future of technology lies in creating unique experiences.

We're a company specialized in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Interactive Media and Mobile Development, focused on surprising consumers, improving commercial experience, broadening brands' relationship with their costumers and creating new ones.

Our Products

Augmented reality

Technology that integrates with our physical environment.

Provides a dynamic, fun new way of experiencing digital content and information. Commercial use of these apps is especially recommended in promotional material, graphic advertising and public marketing campaigns.

Printed targets: apps designed around printed graphics such as flyers or posters or QR codes that give the user access to the content.

Virtual reality

Immersive technology that builds new virtual worlds.

Creates a much more realistic and impactful experience for the client, and it has commercial uses in events, showrooms and other promotional experiences.

If your idea requires a fully immersive 3D VR environment, we have the team of animators and 3D artists that can build the perfect experience that meets your needs.

Interactive media

Builds an experience the user is fully involved in.

Experiences that combine cutting-edge technology, software development and electronics to create moments where the client lives a real connection with the brand.

The commercial uses for these apps are specially recommended for live events.


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